Founded in Liverpool, England by former athletes and brothers Tom and Phil
Beahon, Castore was created with a vision of becoming the number one
premium sportswear brand in the world.

Through a relentless focus on innovation, product excellence and commitment
to their Better Never Stops brand DNA, Castore has become one of the most
exciting brands of its generation.

Now with a global footprint and selling into 57 countries around the world through their digitally native platforms, Castore is positioned as the natural
alternative to the mass market brands who dominate the sportswear sector.

Castore is backed by Investors with a combined Net Worth of $10bn and has aspirations to become the leading Challenger brand in the global sportswear
market by 2025 .


FENZ works in partnership with Castore to deliver it's premium sportswear to teams across Europe, offering a bespoke branding solution to help you stand out from the crowd.

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